School Anthem

Sing we of truth that is higher than anything,

Sing we so loud and clear
Sing we of learning and wisdom that we will
ever hold so dear
We of the clan of the Lourdes Fraternity
Sing of our trust in God
He is our guide and will unto eternity lead us on…
 I pray that when I have failed in my duty and want to be
 left with the rest behind. (Chorus)
When I am tired of using the gifts that are in my mind
I pray that when there is darkness within and around me.
And I am left for lorn.
Then will I turn and sing to my God.
Lead me on…….
Pledge we our love and our unending loyalty
To this our school, so dear.
Pledge we obedience to those who give knowledge
And teach us here,
Our Lady of Lourdes, our patroness and guiding star,
Help us when we go wrong,
You, by our side,and our true inspiration.
Lead us on…
Lead me on…